The Original Bella Pipes

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Based on Real Life Events...

Bella grew up in the west but always wanted to live on the east coast. After traveling around the U.S. and living in different states, she landed in Brooklyn, where she was deeply involved in activism from a young age. Her passion for justice and equality led her to countless marches, rallies, and community meetings. Through her activism, Bella met Nic and Court, two powerful high priestesses who ran a magical sanctuary. Intrigued by their teachings and drawn to their powerful presence, Bella decided to join their sanctuary to learn more about her spiritual gifts.

After graduating and completing her initiation with Nic and Court, Bella returned to her family’s land in rural western Oklahoma to help her mother take care of her ailing grandmother. What was supposed to be a short stay turned into four years due to a countrywide lockdown. Initially frustrated, Bella gradually discovered that her mother and grandmother also possessed spiritual gifts. As she worked the land and connected with her ancestors, Bella began to absorb their talents as savvy businesspeople and craftsmen...